Creative Solutions to Stretch Your Savings

We often hear clients express frustration over the low yields offered on traditional “safe” investments like money market accounts, certificates of deposit, short-term bonds and the like.  Retirees, in particular, have been experiencing the strain of low yields for the past several years and have had to look to higher-yielding alternatives to keep nest eggs intact. Thinking creatively and tapping into new economy methods, on the other hand, may lead to new sources of income in ways you never dreamed.  Becoming a landlord or a private lender, for example, could turn idle resources into a regular income stream.

I recently spoke with Kristen Beckman, a writer for LifeHealthPro magazine, and offered a few creative solutions retirees may consider to stretch their savings in times of meager earnings.  You may find some inspiration in the article… and a gentle nudge to reduce your “stuff!”

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